Garage Conversions Bristol & Bath

Are you a homeowner in the Bristol or Bath area? Has your beloved home begun to feel a little cramped over the years? Is it feeling increasingly as though your family has outgrown your living space? Do you have a garage that’s seldom used? Great news! You can convert this garage into extra living space which can be used for a huge variety of purposes. All while adding value to your home.

Although a garage conversion has a number of benefits it can be challenging knowing where to begin. You may even wonder whether or not it’s even possible to translate the ideas you have in your head into reality.

At Cohere Associates, bringing the perfect garage conversions to the people of Bristol and Bath is our all-consuming passion. We offer a host of construction and renovation planning services to help residents of Bristol and Bath to get as much value and pleasure as possible out of their homes.

Why we’re delighted to serve Bristol & Bath

Bristol and Bath are charming places to live which wear their timeless beauty and proud histories on their sleeve. Their amenities, attractions and architectural wonders bring pleasure to residents and visitors alike every day.

There’s a whole lot to see and do in these crown jewels of the south west. Architecture buffs can marvel at the stunning Bath Abbey. Shopaholics can browse the shops of the Pulteney Bridge or explore the enormity of Cabot Circus. Nature lovers, on the other hand won’t want to miss the diverse animal and plant life at the Bristol Zoo Gardens.

With outstanding schools, well above average employment, fast growing economic and technological development and excellent transport links, both Bristol and Bath are great places to make a home or invest in property.

Although property values in Bristol and Bath tend to stay comfortably above the national average, many forward-thinking homeowners will want to do all that they can to increase the value of their home.

Benefits of a Garage Conversion

There are a great many reasons why a garage conversion is a great investment. It offers all of the advantages of a loft conversion and adds a similar percentage of value to a property (a garage conversion can add up to 20% to your home’s resale value). However, it also adds a degree of autonomy. It is part of the home and yet separate. This means that a garage conversion can make a great room that serves as a quasi-apartment for an independent teenager. On the other hand it can also serve as an autonomous living space which can be rented out on a short or long term basis.
It can also function perfectly as office space, a studio, a home gym or even just somewhere to relax in peaceful solitude.

How we can help at Cohere Associates

At Cohere Associates we design, prepare and submit professional architectural plans for a range of projects to help bring your ideas for the perfect garage conversion to life.

We work with private individuals, building contractors, developers and businesses and have spent years establishing a reputation for a friendly, approachable and comprehensive service. As well as garage conversions we also offer a plethora of services including;

New house developments
House extensions
Loft Conversions
Sub division of properties into apartments
Change of use from business premises to residential property

If you’re ready to make your dream of a garage conversion in Bristol or Bath a reality get in touch with us today.

We can’t wait to help bring your dream to life!