Loft Conversions Frampton Cotterell

Loft Conversions Frampton Cotterell

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There can be a whole host of reasons while you may find that your current living space is no longer big enough. The need for a larger home is one of the main reasons why families choose to sell and relocate. The process of selling and buying can be complex, stressful and costly. It can be unsettling for certain members of the family to have to relocate to a different area perhaps requiring a change of employment or school. Therefore, many choose to look for alternative ways to make their current home sufficient for the families needs. Opting to build a house extension is one great way to solve the problem of space although house extensions do usually require planning permission which is a factor that needs to be considered. Loft conversions do not often require planning permission and therefore can be a quick and simple way to create a considerable amount of space within your home to be utilised as you wish.

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Research has shown that a loft conversion is able to add up to 20% to the value of your property. A loft conversion can therefore be considered an investment that should the day come when you do decide eventually to sell will proved to be a worthwhile investment.

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It’s not an easy choice to have to decide between an extension and the use of your garden. A loft conversion does not require this difficult decision to be made because you are utilising space in the attic rather than taking up precious outdoor space. This can be an especially valid benefit when you have children who need to be able to use the garden to play. Depending on your locality it can be difficult to find a property with a nice well sized outdoor area so if you are fortunate to enjoy such and don’t want to compromise this then a loft conversion could be a fantastic solution to increase your space in your current home.

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A simple but significant benefit to loft conversions is that they can afford you a wonderful view from the windows that may not be possible from the ground or even the first floor of your property. If you are located in an urban area then you may be looking out across other buildings from the lower floors of your home. Loft conversions often enjoy great views due to their elevated position and these can be enjoyed during the day and at night time with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the night skies.

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Some could be deterred from planning a loft conversion because they have been using that space for storage. However, upon further contemplation they realise that this is actually a great opportunity to have a good sort out which is a wonderful way of clearing the home from unnecessary clutter.