House Extensions Frampton Cotterell

House Extensions Frampton Cotterell

Sometimes in life we are faced with a decision that can feel like rather a dilemma. It can be a challenge to logically weigh up the pros and cons of each of our options or even to fully know what order options may be. One such decision could be whether to move home or two build a house extension. Frampton Cotterell homeowners may enjoy considering some of the following benefits that come with building a house extension.

• House extensions Frampton Cotterell - Benefit one
It can be very difficult to contemplate moving home to a different locality when the family is settled in their current community. When you feel safe and comfortable in your neighbourhood and when you have developed good relationships with your neighbours it can be most unsettling to think about the upheaval that would result from moving house. If you have children they may feel extremely settled at their school and they may have made a number of friends in the neighbourhood or in the locality. For this reason, many feel that there are benefits to building a house extension rather than moving house. As a result, they can enjoy the benefits of sufficient space for all in the family without the need to adjust and adapt to a whole new area and all the change that comes along with that.

• House extensions Frampton Cotterell - Benefit two
Another benefit of a house extension is that it will for sure add value to your property. However, one thing to bear in mind is that the amount of value it will add will depend on the quality of the building work. Therefore, it’s it’s wise to invest in a high quality build in terms of the extension build as this will reap greater dividends in the future.

• House extensions Frampton Cotterell - Benefit three
When you choose to build a house extension you are able to use it for the exact purpose of your own families’ requirements. You can customise the design to suit the purpose for which you most need the extension. Maybe you are starting a family or growing the family under therefore in need of an additional bedroom. More and more people today are working from home. This has become particularly the case since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The reality of working from home could be that you do not have sufficient space for the quiet and privacy that you need. A house extension can be a great way to provide Office space or to free up another room in the house that can be used as an office for the purpose of working from home.

These are just three benefits to building a house extension. Frampton Cotterell based Cohere Associates are professional charted building surveyors with a wide range of experience in house extension design planning. Why not get in touch with us today and see how we can help you make your construction plans come to fruition.